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3175029226 I also received a message from this nut case. This is his profile on Facebook.


It is somebody who is trying to get your information so do not answer and say stop it stop when it says reply stop if you want to stop do that because it really is going to get trimme it is somebody who is trying to get your information so do not answer and say stop it stop when it says reply stop i


I received a call at 3;19 THIS AFTERNOON. The caller said it was the IRS and they had been trying to get in touch with me. They said I was to call back to 206-451-9544 to clear up my case file. The IRS does not call people unless they are asked to do so. They inform you by mail is there should be a problem. This is a real scam and some people just might fall for it. I am notifying the IRS. the FBI, and the attorney General about this.


Got the same call described above. Telling me that if I don't calll them back, the police will arrest me.


representing the us government.Blocked


Got a call from an Indian man stating his name was Jack Lewis from Legal Affairs and that I needed to call back immediately with my lawyer because I was in trouble with the US Treasury. Extremely difficult to understand and I had to listen to the message several times over.


These are devil dog pirates, scammers and fraudsters using a wide variety of (540) numbers for illegal activities. If enough people complain to FTC and FCC, maybe they will be shut down. Also, if everyone contacts their elected reps in DC, maybe we can convince them to pass new laws proscribing against any unwanted solicitations, whether political, charitable, telemarketing, surveys, robo-calling, tie-lines, etc. and specifying very severe fines and prison terms for violators. The people at telephone companies who rent these numbers should be locked up as well. As we are well into another election circus, this is a good time to complain. Do we need two dozen political calls a day, most of them fraudulent?


I received the exact same e-mail message and attachment. DON'T open the attachment! There is no such company in FL.


None left, I called back the number and they said "Thank you for calling Affiliate Asset Solutions" I googled them and they're a collection agency. [***].


Called and hung up without a word.


Didn't recognize # & didn't answer. Called cell phone.


Same caller. Must be spam.


Rang twice, no message left. Just like everyone else!


I have had 4 calls today from this company ESF. I tried calling the number but is busy.


je sais qu'on dit un message texte mais je ne comprends pas le nom donc je n'ai pas voulu répondre car ça parle en anglais ??? Caller Name: ????????????? Caller Type: Text Message


Romance scammer using the name Joely Smith


i received the call yesterday and today around the same time. i didn't answer, because i was at work. a message was never left and i don't do any business with anything in the Southfield area so I was confused to see the caller id


Has called a dozen times I don't answer the phone ,no message. I just received a call a few seconds ago, didn't say Graceville Florida same phone number


Got called in the middle of classes. Didn't last long. Hung up before I could even pick up.

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