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You just confirmed your live number


Phones up to 4-5 times a day! I've had my credit checked and nothing is in collections. It's spam for sure


Scam. Another "you won a trip" by some Filipino lady with kids running around in the background.


This number is a Class A scammer. They called me and lied saying they're giving me a scholarship, but require me to play a 3.98 fee. Do not give them any information whatsoever.


Missed call and no voicemail. Then shortly after this miss call I got a call from a Russian number???


called numerous times, once answered and said I wasn't home could I pass a message along, and I couldn't even understand what they were saying, now I don't answer- either leave a message or I'll keep hanging up on them imagine if it was a prepaid cell phone!!! waste of my time and money


No voicemail. Just called my num.


Received the same call, from David Gray, left a ,message on my voice mail.


Vulgar posts aren't allowed.


Caller Type: Safe to Answer


Received a callf from this number. They left no message. And I left it at that.


Looking for a massage chair company named Micro Touch Inc.


Called for a preteen dance school


Called at 7:30pm, I didn't answer and they did not leave message. I also signed up for auto bill pay, two days ago.


Caller Type: Spam Caller


I get one or more calls from this number almost every day. Caller ID says "Amerigroup". I never answer, and their system never leaves a message. BLOCKED


Called my home #. - I didn't recognize name or # so I did not answer. No message left.


I did not answer and I'm glad I didn't. I don't answer unknown numbers on my cell.


202-754-8420 Some bs voicemail left threatening me with legal charges


calls come every day, always about my computer, very threatening and demanding. I ask them to remove my number and they hang up.

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