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They called today, March 24, 2016. We have no connection with Home Depot, no credit card with them, no orders ever placed.


Yeah, same here! Haven't been required to file taxes for about 7years now, and have medicare/medicaid, so there ain't nothing they can do to me. Hahaha, you wanna sue me for the money I DON'T have and never will??? Go ahead and waste your time if you want! Frickin scams!


Scam. When you tell them it's a cell phone and to please remove the number they hang up. Such pathetic little losers.


Don't know the number and I won't answer D A ????


Called and left no message.


Caller Type: Safe to Answer


another person said that "satan" also told her to watch he back


>>> Thanks again Obama… <<< I'm sure he and the wife and kids personally sit in the Oval Office all day and night calling you. But I still don't understand why the person you never allow to do anything is responsible for protecting and taking care of you?


Call 4 times everyday


Called left no message


They are using 888-611-1384 and 611-3840. These numbers were actually a call center. When I asked them who this Pacific Group was, they got very defensive and started making threats. I cursed him out and hung up.


Keep getting calls from this number,,,picked it up once and it was a Telemarketer, hung up before they could finish their speech. Put it on my no call list on my phone but keep getting calls from them,,,please help me make them STOP CALLING, sorry but I didn't get their name.


I have gotten several calls from this number. I keep telling them I'm disabled and cannot afford to send money. And that I will not send cash thru the mail. They continue to call and I've requested they stop calling. Now they call and hang up. So tired of this form of bullying it needs to stop.


Called 9pm on a Friday and did not leave a message


Much like the others, I keep getting calls from this number. My voicemail repeated "The number you're trying to reach is no longer in service.... the number you're trying to reach is no longer in service" for nearly 2 minutes. I have yet to actually answer.


10:25am, Warranty scammer was auto blocked. One ring and CID identified and call went to the bit bucket.


East Indian speaking woman called and left 3 messages regarding a loan I never applied for. Called the number back and an East Indian male answered told him I was returning a call he asked if I wanted a loan I said no then he said we never called you and hung up. I immediately called back and got an answering machine with the female voice. Scam, scam, scam!!!


Got a call from this number, being local, I picked it up. A recorded message immediately started saying the woman's voice was Rachel and was calling about my credit card. I don't own any, blocked forever :~)


Called our landline twice. Caller ID says: EC Data Systems. Left no message on answering machine.


No message left by this caller,

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