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They called our land line. We have it set to fax pickup. They call every day. But at least they get an earful of electronic noise. LOL


No message left. Unknown caller. Caller ID says Arlington VA. That's it. Annoying to have to go check from whatever one is doing. These sort of call are building up again. For a bit I was ahead of them. Lovely silence.


They have done it again early this morning. They called at 10:03 AM PST. They need to re move my number or I am going to find out where they live and sue the B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S.


CID Name was Leila Deurell, who is a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Stratham, NH. She called, got the answering machine, and did not leave a message. Not against the DCL rules, but still spam.


missed call, no caller id info, says from Jackson - CA


I'm an Enrolle d Agent with the IRS (inactive) and I can tell you that it's virtually impossible to get through to the IRS by phone in under an hour. Especially after the beginning of the new year. Report them:


Phone scam just got it too


Got the EXACT same fall. Definitely SCAM


keeps calling here and speaking Spanish. no one here speaks Spanish. stop calling


Call was from Chino, CA…..these jerks are now on my call block list.


Called my cell while I was on another call. Ignored. No message left. It will be added to the block list now.


I answered this call 1/20/16 and it was a robocall offering a free cruise. I then hung up. Today, 1/25/16, I didn't recognize the number and didn't answer. I checked it later. The number was 267-388-9490, probably from the same company. Could be a telemarketer or scammer.


Answered the phone - a female said "hi - ah - thank you" then hung up


Called my cell left no message


Got a call from this number twice today but at least once a week, recording saying this is Google we want to verify your business. I just hang up!


Same as Renee right down to the 941 return call #. I have not received and IRS Communication through the mail.


Just received a call from this number. ID said LOCAL I did not answer. They left no message.


AmVets, looking for clothes donations. Are they legit and help veterans? Who knows, but there seems to a lot of groups looking for old clothes these days. Must be a few bucks in it or there wouldn't be so many people doing it.


I reported it on wecom's website as fraud


This phone number belongs to Alberta Health Services.

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