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3:51 PM - disconnected the call, then blocked. Caller ID = Cellular Call


They called tonight on a Saturday night very very late at 8:03 PM PST. I am going to find these A HOLES.


They have been calling my cell, now they are calling my job..


Spam Caller Type: Spam


Just got a call from this number. Stating from IRS and need to call back. No way! There is no reason the IRS would be calling me for anything. Not falling for this scam.


Caller said the same thing to me about winning $25,000 and to call back on the toll free line. He called from (262)999-7780


Carol call was from IRS sayi g they were doing suit against me and to call this u. Df for detas


Caller didn't leave a message.


I get non stop calls from this number. I tried answering but who ever it is hangs up.


The woman said she was with Pepco, with a baltimore number calling a Gaithersburg Resident. left this number as well 1888 565 2809. Her name is Michelle. Scam! Because she called my office number instead of my home number which I set up with.


When I picked up someone said hello and then hung up. When I called back a few times and from different landlines it just says 'goodbye' and sits.


Called and left no message. I looked it up on white page for phone reverse and it was reported as a scam


Rung once and hung up. At 7pm


No message. Unknown 800 number. No chance of me answering!


Got a call this a.m.; but didn't recognize number so did not answer. Looking the number up online shows me it was another annoying spam telemarketing call. My number is on DoNotCall registry. Why doesn't our fed govt shut these a-holes down?


Says it's career school advisers


Got spam regarding betting on sports from douche going by the name "Doc Silver" from "FSNINFO" that tries to get people to call 3106017302


I didn't answer, but I called back anonymously and asked the name of the company. It's Green Mountain Capital. I told them they made an unsolicited call to me. "So what is your number so we can remove it?" I replied, "No need, I'm blocking your number!"


call repeatedly leave no message I have do not call and block call but still come all day long u


I am many peoples. my turban is too tight. i have $2300. i give it to anybody that call me.

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