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This caller does not leave her name but gives a Case # and says I need to get in contact with my attorney regarding civil suite.


They called me, left no message. I called back, got answering machine. Cell number. Don't know if they are playing games.


New number not to trust


Caller Type: Spam Caller


Called while I was outside for a few minutes. Left no message. Caller ID just said Out of area.


Rang to cell, no message.


Rec'd calls at least twice a day, they leave no message, my caller id shows: Charter I have blocked them.


Got a call marketing a $50 gift card. Hung up and blocked the number


This number continues to call us. I hear what sounds like a phone bank and hang up. They have called at 9:00 AM, dinner time and as late as 9:30 PM. Very annoying!


Just got a call. didn't answer


Caller Type: Spam Caller


What assh*le company is out there giving these dickh*ads these phone numbers to call from? Let's sue the number providers too.


Called for Sirius xm service.


last word cut off - political viewpoint.


Reached my voicemail, left no message


He tried to get you as well that's OK with you give you get back he'll get his in the long run losers never win


Called rang 3 times and hung up


The person you are asking for help posted here in 2013, 3 years ago. i doubt he will be back and I doubt the would be able to help you in any case. Grant scams:


This is almost certainly the beginning of an extortion scam. Sadly it is becoming fairly widespread lately. (Google "underage girl scam" or similar). Do not communicate further with this person.


Robo female claiming they had questions about my ______ card. I hung up and 20min later they called back. I called my banks 800 # direct and they see no issues on any accounts. Please do not press any buttons or acknowledge them. Just call your bank and ask them direct.

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